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I'm glad that @NBCNews and @SteveKrak are acknowledging the popularity of this feed, but sad that they've missed the point virtually no reader of the feed has: this is not an activism feed, this is a pedagogical feed. I'm a professor and attorney trying to explain a complex case.

There's a regressive view some have that there's a single right way to participate online. You can tweet—but don't write books! You can be a legal analyst—but don't also be a poet! You can support progressive causes—but don't have your feed be anything but calls to action! C'mon.

One reason I've consistently said I'm not a member of the #Resistance—and designate articles saying otherwise poorly researched hitpieces (which they always are)—is because I don't think me using my skills and knowledge to promote my long-held values is me being in a "movement."

Because @NBCNews won't let @SteveKrak call people he hasn't researched and whose motives he doesn't understand "insidious grifters"—because that's not journalism, that's "journaling-ism"—it instead lets him link to a piece saying things he can't substantiate. *That* I don't like.

("Journaling-ism" is when a malicious diarist writes all the things they *feel* are true as though they *are* true: it doesn't require sourcing, research, reaching out to a subject, confirmation, exactness of language, full disclosure of the facts, or *anything* journalism does.)

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