Charity Majors @mipsytipsy CTO @honeycombio, ex-Parse, Facebook, Linden Lab; cowrote Database Reliability Engineering; loves whiskey, rainbows. I test in production and so do you. 🌈🖤 Apr. 02, 2019 1 min read

"In general the faster you can react the less up front testing you need." Yep.

Almost every org I can think of could stand to reallocate 20% of their eng cycles away from pre-prod testing towards faster, safer deploys (or post-prod validation).

(The one possible exception that springs to mind is @IntercomEng. Last I heard, it took something like 25 sec to run all tests, package and deploy their 🍒RUBY APP🍒)

You only get that after years of dedicated attention, ofc... & pointing @honeycombio at your build pipeline 😉

You cannot prevent failure. Things are failing ✨right now✨ and you have no clue.

Expect it, budget for it, build your system to tolerate lots of it. Fail fast and fix faster. That's where most of you should be spending your scarce engineering cycles.

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