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Here are House Democrats learning about the disturbing new reality that...McConnell blocks everything in the Senate. Meanwhile, LATER IN THE SAME PIECE, House D "moderates" look forward to getting past "messaging bills" to getting real work done.  https://www.politico.com/story/2019/04/01/mitch-mcconnell-democrat-bills-pelosi-1243627 

If I don't have an aneurysm first, lemme point out a few things.
1. Mitch McConnell has been blocking everything he has the power to block for a decade, with ruthless consistency. Any House D who is a single scintilla surprised by this is a hopeless political naif.

2. McConnell is going to continue blocking every Dem bill or vote -- an infrastructure bill, transportation bill, prescription drug bill, anything. He's playing a zero-sum game. His prime directive is to deny Dems a victory of any kind. He has made that excruciatingly clear.

3. Rep. @GerryConnolly: "If all [Rs] do under McConnell’s leadership is block everything in a presidential turnout year, I think they really risk losing some of their seats like ME, like CO, like AZ. If they want to keep control of the U.S. Senate, they better deliver something.”

4. What evidence is there that zealously blocking Democratic initiatives hurts the GOP among its voters? And even if you believe it does, what evidence is there that MITCH MCCONNELL thinks that? He's certainly been willing to take the risk! Every single time. For a decade.

5. I think the real attitude of House "moderate" Ds is better revealed in this quote from @RepSchrader. (Keep in mind, thus far, House Dems have passed bills or resolutions on gun safety, climate change & voting reforms.)

6. “It’s time to move off the talking points & on to legislating. I haven’t heard about anything that deals with the economy or some of the other issues. I assume this is just playing to the left wing of our base & that we’ll move on to the infrastructure, prescription drugs."

7. Climate change, gun violence, voting rights: talking points playing to the left wing base. Infrastructure, prescription drugs: real legislating that deals with the economy. This sounds more like a statement of values & priorities than one about "realism." Remember ...

8. ... McConnell will ignore, block, or eviscerate any bill passed by a Dem House. This is just about what gives "moderates" the feels & what doesn't. Why contempt for progressive priorities (on issues that affect millions of lives) = "moderate" forever remains a mystery to me.

9. I'm rambling & it's late so to wrap up: McConnell's gonna McConnell. He will block what he has the power to block. If Dems don't kill the filibuster, they won't pass anything. If that's their choice, I really don't want to read in Politico about how shocked they are. </fin>

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