Clint Watts @selectedwisdom Author: Messing With The Enemy Current: @MSNBC @FPRI @SecureDemocracy Apr. 02, 2019 1 min read

Today is #WorldAutismAwarenessDay - Please support autism services & programs in your local community. I'm a proud father of a wonderful daughter who also happens to have autism - “Hurricane Sandy Was A Great Day! — People Don’t Get Autism, Families Do" 

Support services for those with autism & their families are essential, particularly in communities lacking public supports or facing government cuts. Check out groups & programs like @NEXTforAUTISM and please consider supporting their efforts 

also, Amazon's @amazonsmile offers a great way to support autism charities (and any other charity) with no cost to customers. Check out their program here and how they donate on your behalf when you make purchases. 

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