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my co-w has this thing where she ALWAYS hits me on slack after meetings w/our higher ups to ask me if she acted like an asshole.
and it's not like she plans it.
she genuinely wants to know EVERY time.

spoiler alert...
she's usually said something assholish.

now, to be clear...
she is NOT an asshole.
she is one of the most perfect ppl walking this blighted planet.
which is why her moments of dickishness are soooooooooooooooo funny.

and you have to know that i am SO, SO, SOOOOO bad at laughing when i'm not supposed to laugh.

b/c i will always laugh.
and usually, in meetings, it's like a cry-wail.
b/c i'm always so caught off guard by how wildly white ppl speak to each other when they secretly-but-not-so-secretly hate each other.

anyway, today she made the most BARELY-SCRATCHING-THE-SURFACE-EVER attempt at hiding her SCATHING contempt for one of our co-ws...
and like...
while the meeting was STILL going, she hit me up on slack...

and said, "i'm not asking. don't even tell me."

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