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(1) The part of Barr's letter summarizing Mueller's summary of his case file is 2 pages. The case file itself may be over 1 million pages.

(2) Mueller's summary of his case file is ~400 pages in narrative alone—with addendum pages numbering in the hundreds or thousands.

1/ I mention these facts because we keep hearing erroneous reporting to the effect that Barr's summary of Mueller's summary of his case file was 4 pages, and the *entirety* of Mueller's report is 300 pages. Both figures are wrong—*and* ignore the size of the case file completely.

2/ I don't know why it's hard for media to report page lengths. I do know the erroneous reporting makes Barr's summary 1.3% of the size of the "entire" Mueller Report, when in fact it's at best 0.5% and—if you consider addenda—a fraction of 0.1%. Plus there's the whole case file.

3/ Making Barr's summary sound much longer than it was—while failing to note that much of that summary was Barr injecting his own opinion on things DOJ regs didn't call for an opinion on—has skewed our understanding of the summary even apart from all the terminological confusion.

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