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This is a great thread by @DirkSchwenk. Of course Congress should not receive a completely unredacted Mueller report and I am confident that judges will say a great big "no" on any Grand Jury material that harms forthcoming trials, of which I expect dozens.

CF: "robustly".

First, these "FOIA terrorists" can do their thing, but they are not America's friends. That's why judges keep saying "No" to them. Second, the core wrong assumption of "unredact everything" is that the big name trials are done. Not are they not done, they haven't even got started

I reported Mueller had 'dozens of sealed indictments' (explicitly including all those obtained by **any prosecutor's office** on Trump Russia, such as those returned under @Comey) and it remains true. So, you aren't getting an unredacted report. I hope for loads of GJ redactions.

I'd rather see @IvankaTrump go to jail, than see an unredacted Mueller Report which so prejudices her trial - as just one example - that she gets away with it. Barr can ask; here's hoping the judges say 'no, no and no again' like Judge Howell just did.  https://www.politico.com/story/2019/04/01/mueller-mystery-grand-jury-1247631 

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