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‘We remember Newton for answers. We remember Stephen Hawking FRS for questions. And Hawking’s questions themselves keep on giving, generating breakthroughs decades later.”
Discover the man and his work through the friends & scientists who knew him best - 

Few, if any, of Einstein’s successors have done more to deepen our insights into gravity, space and time’ Martin Rees FRS, former President of the Royal Society and Astronomer Royal on Stephen Hawking FRS - Read his Biographical Memoir -  #BioMems

Those who knew Stephen Hawking FRS would clearly appreciate the dominating presence of a real human being, with an enormous zest for life, great humour, and tremendous determination, yet with normal human weaknesses, as well as his more obvious strengths.

"Stephen Hawking FRS’s contributions to the understanding of gravity, black holes and cosmology were truly immense. He became an icon for science and an inspiration to all."
Read his biographical memoir - 

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