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(VIDEO) He knows what he's done. Here's Trump telling the NRCC, "With all the things I've done, they [my fans] never wavered."

I want to know more about that "things I've done." What has he done that he thinks would cause his cult to waver in its support? 

1/ He's riffing in the cut above—usually when he's at his most honest and unguarded (relatively speaking). I'll be thrilled to see, when/if the White House releases a transcript of his remarks, whether it *cuts out* him saying, "With all the things I've done, they never wavered."

2/ I love how he says (~51m) "[MAGA] was made up by me." After he's already told them—falsely—that Reagan used the slogan "Let's Make America Great." *Actually*, Reagan's slogan was "Let's Make America Great Again"—but Trump's boast would've been sad if he'd just dropped "Let's."

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