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This piece is so heartbreaking. For me it was my dad -- we still get along, but over the years he's come to believe more & more things I just find repugnant, and the circle of things we can talk about has shrunk.

Breaking point was when my wife asked him, point blank, about the Parkland massacre: "is your unrestricted right to guns more important than the lives of dozens of kids?" And he basically said, "Yup." And I thought, "welp, that's it, gonna talk about the weather from now on."

The weird thing is, my dad was (and is) a friendly, gentle, soft-spoken, hyper-educated guy. He was a professor for decades. He reads voraciously, especially history. NONE of that makes any sense alongside the pinched, ugly, cruel things he says about contemporary politics.

Anyway, Fox & conservative media have utterly poisoned a generation of Americans with lies & demagoguery & the rest of us shouldn't just sit around moping about it, we should be PISSED at the people & institutions that stood by & let it happen.

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