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Three facts are reshaping our economy, our work and even our politics:

1. We’re in a time of brilliant technological advances.

2. Though today’s impressive technologies are making some very rich, they are doing little to grow the overall economy and improve the prosperity of most of us.

3. Despite the evidence that digital technologies are only weakly growing the economy, they are nevertheless radically transforming our work and business opportunities, creating social and political upheavals and exacerbating record levels of wealth and income inequalities.

It's all about the pie...

Growing a nation’s economy through new ideas and technological innovation is the only path to sustainable, robust prosperity.

But these days the pie is barely growing—a problem that has persisted since the mid-2000s in the US and other advanced economies. And larger and larger slices are being gobbled up by fewer and fewer people.

No wonder many are angry and resentful.

Technology didn’t create this sluggish growth and inequality, but it’s our only option for solving them.

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