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My kid has a sign on her wall that says WILL I BE NEXT.

I want a full national gun ban.

The next generation will demand one.

Gun defenders who want to tell me why it can never happen: you keep thinking that.

Gun defenders who want to debate the merits: Please enjoy a big helping of the total political intransigence you’ve been serving us for so long.

The hour is coming.

"Only criminals and police have guns" is very obviously a better situation than what we now have, for many reasons.

This is a clearly observable dynamic.

They have absolutely no regard for our concerns.

So, as we pursue our desired policy solutions to our gun epidemic, as a simple matter of political reality, we must afford their concerns the same consideration.

1) Ban private ownership and manufacture outside of specific & controlled uses;
2) Treat them as any other controlled item entering the U.S.;
3) Reclamation/destruction program

If a bunch of gun crazies want to bury their guns, underground is fine w/me.

The idea shock troops are going to just sweep from house to house taking guns shows how laughable the gun defender worldview is.

Bury your guns, gun nuts. That's where we want them anyway.

Go live in bunkers. Fine. John Galt it up to your heart's content. Stay out of the Qdoba.

The state has tanks, nuclear weapons, and a standing army in this and every other scenario.

This line of reasoning is basically irrelevant to the question of private gun ownership.

I have one other thing to add.

The first step in solving a problem is wanting to solve it. Plenty of people don't want to solve it. Some choose denial or defiance or apathy.

Others, wanting to seem more reasonable, choose pragmatism.

Most things are possible. What's required is the will to do it. The NRA understands this, for example.

Saying we shouldn't do something necessary b/c it's impractical is usually about not wanting to try.

It's what I call a compass statement.

Our present reality was not always the way it was.

The NRA and their members created it, not by caring about what we want, but by deciding to fight hard for a reality that is entirely impractical and frankly insane.

We don't need their permission to change it back.

My compass statement about guns is this: there should be no guns, at all, anywhere. They are tools designed to create death. Humanity would be better off without such tools.

We'll work toward that.

I'm willing to start with a national gun ban.

One of the greatest tricks that's been played on people is to get us to limit the scope of our imaginations by making us feel foolish for pointing to grand ideals.

Pragmatism is a tool with many fine uses. We mustn't make it the end goal.

Dream of what's best. Move toward it.

If you think a gun ban is a distraction from other pressing matters, ask yourself: who told you that only one good thing can happen, and why do you think they wanted you to believe it?

And why did you believe them?

Inspiration begets inspiration.

Imagination is an expansive act, not a constrictive one.

The more we do, the more we believe we can do.

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