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(Thread) Weekly roundup

Usually I do these on Sunday, but I may have a thread ready tomorrow.

So, if you missed any, here are this week’s threads. I wrote 4 this week.

#1: Seventeen unanswered questions from the Mueller report

*that should have been Mueller "investigation" not "report"

#2: A Tool Can’t Collude

#3: Sometimes the wheels turn slowly. Sometimes the wheels turn fast. A thread on saving democracy.

#4: The Trump family wealth: MAGA means roll American back to the 1920s

Because 🎶those were the days🎶

Some thoughts on what to do

And this 👇

I try to answer questions (particularly from active and engaged followers) but I can't answer them all.

Sometimes good questions get buried and I don't see them.

I actually put a FAQ on my website . . .

. . . because I tend to get the same questions.  https://terikanefield-blog.com/frequently-asked-questions/ 

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