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Today is the day PROOF OF CONSPIRACY (forthcoming in August) crossed the threshold to becoming what I'd call "epic nonfiction." The book has so many characters and crosses so many years and continents that its most committed readers will have to read it slowly and more than once.

1/ And every fact is taken directly from major media around the world. This is in no way whatsoever a book about my opinions. And yet, truly, I find it impossible to imagine any person of good faith reading it and not calling for the president's impeachment. It's that harrowing.

2/ I've written many books, but I've never written one (and I include in this PROOF OF COLLUSION) that caused me to shout out loud "No!" multiple times during the research process.

3/ What I'm most excited about is that the content of the book is almost certainly not material most Americans have encountered before. This is a book about how pre-election and post-election Trump-Russia collusion took place more in the *Middle East* than it did anywhere else.

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