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1) Make something. It sucks.
2) Realize it sucks.
3) Actually care about it.
4) Find ways to improve.
5) Try again; repeat forever.

A lot of people get stuck at either 2) or 3).

4) and 5) are practically automatic if you pass 3).

If you give up after realizing you suck -- you didn't care enough. Caring is persevering. Forever.

If you don't have sufficient taste or vision, or if you are never exposed to the best, you will fail 2). You'll never realize your output is terrible. So seek out environments that will humble you

If you are content with mediocrity, or you don't want to admit to mediocrity ("I'm just not made for this, let's never do it again"), you will fail 3). To learn, you need to care. You need intrinsic drive.

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