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Thread on Trump's dehumanizing language and media-abetted gaslighting.

Adding this point: resurfacing old clips to experience the outrage of the words anew is the opposite of misleading; it is vital work necessary to countering largely successful misinformation companions.

Donald Trump has been dehumanizing entire groups of people from the very beginning of his career, from "Mexican rapists" to Muslim travel bans.

From the very start.

This, along with his constant lying, are the context which should inform all stories about him and his supporters



They will dismiss this racist shit, and corporate media will largely go along.

But Donald Trump called himself a nationalist. He has repeatedly used the language and pushed the policy of neo Nazis and white supremacists.

We must keep bringing it up, again and again and again.

In fact—and people are bringing this up in my mentions—reviewing at a year's remove is all the more vital, as we're observed a year's actions.

He was just talking about MS-13 being animals? Then why did he put children of asylum seekers in cages?

He was talking about all.

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