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I feel like we're sorely lacking a progressive "red pill" analogue, and that too often lefty types find the concept of recruitment distasteful, instead expecting people to reach us having already done their homework.


Someone's gonna call it "bread pill" aren't they? 😬

I do think one area where we can improve is to stop treating progressivism like we're elitist metalheads sneering at kids who haven't been listening to Satan McHellpants since dickety-two.

I'm reminded of one Robert Mercer.

Mercer owes the US government billions in taxes. Dude is a mega wealthy stain on the planet, right? And he's very, very politically active. He was a huge Trump donor, because of course he was. 

Before being a massive player in Trump's campaign, Robert Mercer backed Ted Cruz for president. Because Cruz wanted to abolish the IRS. The folks who wanted Mercer to pay his taxes.

He did the numbers, and it was cheaper to buy politicians than pay tax. 

One of Mercer's most important ventures is of course Breitbart. He bankrolls the conservative outlet, which is infamous for their role in the ACORN sting videos, Shirley Sherrod's firing, those Planned Parenthood videos, and a whole host of devious political stings.

Breitbart was run by Steve Bannon, who went on to be Trump's campaign chair, and something interesting about him is that he used to run a World of Warcraft gold farming company.

Which gave him the idea that Gamers™ could be used politically. 

And if you guessed where this thread is going, you're probably right! Bannon ran an incredibly effective rightwing recruitment drive, hooking in kids angry about videosgame.

The entire goobergate thing was astroturfed from the get go, it received huge, downright disproportionate coverage on right wing media, because it was seen as fertile recruitment grounds. The actual GG conspiracy would've been a flash in the pan if it wasn't for Breitbart.

Folks like Bannon are effective propagandists, looking to engage people who aren't very politically knowledgeable and get them to buy into right wing rhetoric. Now, I'm not saying he's someone to emulate, but it's worth taking note of.

All said, I'm perfectly happy to use my videogame personality clout to preach my admittedly milquetoast social democrat politics and say "hey kids, public transportation is cool!" then I'll be one step closer to my monorail empire! Bwahahahahah!

Seriously tho, public transportation is good, it can be paid for with taxes. Taxes from people like Robert Mercer. Hint hint. ;)

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