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been up since roughly 4 am b/c a drunk man was hollering into the night, several floors down, under my window.

at first i thought i was in my childhood home, and i screamed at him from my window....

but then i realized i was dreaming.

so i was really mad when his noise pulled me from sleep.

but i couldn't actually *see* him (he must have just positioned himself in a nook or doorway), so i couldn't call the police...

(over the years, i've developed pretty elaborate rules about who i'll call the police about).....
but he was still screaming and hollering....
and i was tired.
so around 5 i opened my window and yelled, "SIR, IF YOU DON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP I'M CALLING THE GODDAMN COPS."

i wasn't gonna.
but i needed him to understand that mine is a house of rest.

but another neighbor screamed back, "I ALREADY CALLED THE COPS. TIRED OF THIS SHIT."

he quieted down some, but i could still hear him talking to himself (at some point, i'm fairly certain there HAD been a woman making noise with him--there were two voices in my dream)...

and like 3 mins later, a million cops came...
which was like this whole other thing...

cause now you gotta stay up and watch the goddamned cops.
and i KNEW that was gonna be the case...which was why i just wanted him to be quiet.

but they straight up babied him. talked in soothing tones to him. promised not to take him to jail.
it all went down super gently.
emts came.
they coaxed him onto a gurney.
everything looked right as rain.

but i've been up ever since.

couldn't tell.
my glasses are in the living room, and there were a lot of lights flashing.
i *DO* think he was maybe naked....or pants-less.

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