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When @antmiddleton @jason_carl_fox @ollie_ollerton @billingham229b say jump.....you jump!

I was almost sobbing with terror

What comes next? Tonight 9pm on Channel 4: #SASWhoDaresWins for @SU2CUK

#saswhodareswins nearly threw up at the sight of that helicopter

Thread: live tweeting

#JeremyIrvine knew everything there was to know about the forces. Knew what a HALO jump was... such a good guy. Really wanted to serve

#SASWhoDaresWins scariest thing ever except for being a coward in front of the DS.... so I jumped

#SASWhoDaresWins queen @andrea_mclean so brave. :) PS none of us thought that staff... we were all bricking it

#SASWhoDaresWins what an amazing team :) @AJOdudu started “I will survive” she knows NO FEAR :)

#SASWhoDaresWins my God what an honour lol

Who saw @CamillaThurlow clearing mines and @Ben_foden laughing as he dived out of that chopper... nobody mentally stronger than @andrea_mclean #SASWhoDaresWins

#SASWhoDaresWins NO not having my number @SU2CUK

(Sorry Team)

my thigh was ripped open but I did not know that at this point... hobbled on :)

#SASWhoDaresWins watch my girl @AJOdudu

#SASWhoDaresWins this was amazing the boxing.... on the day, I volunteered to go first (they shot it out of order) my friend @Hfisher2012 totally kicked my arse but I knew she would!

What you see there @JeffBrazier he looked after me and everyone ... and @SamThompsonUK was really genuinely cut up after fighting @AJOdudu... more than they had time to show #SASWhoDaresWins

Thank you Jeremy :) they didn’t show the girls in the team actually had to help me get dressed, torn thigh = couldn’t walk. so team pulled my trousers on.... above & beyond. #SASWhoDaresWins

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