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Nobody above the rank of circus clown should debate Ben Shapiro.

The moment a presidential candidate agrees to debate Ben Shapiro, Ben Shapiro wins.

Nothing to do with what is said. He stops being an alt-right troll and becomes a person who debates presidential candidates.

A presidential candidate sharing the stage with a hatemonger elevates the hatemonger to the level of a presidential candidate, and it is fitting and proper to protest such elevation.

This should in no way be concern or a priority of a Democratic presidential candidate.

The presupposition that voters who consume such media are reachable in any sort of significant number is a dangerous one, which will lead to time wasted and message dilution, and which (again) lends false credibility to their sweaty-toothed alternative reality.

We’re in this mess in part because we thought it would be harmless to pretend a mobbed-up dummy was a business genius on TV.

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