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All day long, media has inexplicably *undersold* this story. Trump told American voters in 2015 and 2016 that under no circumstances could he give them his tax returns. Trump's Chief of Staff now says voters voted for Trump *knowing* that he *could* have released his tax returns.

1/ This matters because today the Trump administration tried to erase one the biggest lies of Trump's campaign not by pretending it didn't happen but by actually saying that Trump was *transparent* about the thing he systematically lied about. Media mustn't allow that to happen.

2/ So the new (and official!) White House position is either that U.S. voters knew Trump was lying to them on a matter of importance and didn't care or that they (en masse!) believed him as to something the White House now says he never said at all. It's absolute, 100% insanity.

3/ But of course the worst part is this: you know and I know and the media knows and the White House knows and Trump knows that in an hour or a day or a week he'll again tell American voters that he under no circumstances can release his tax returns. And nobody will even *blink*.

4/ So this despicable interlude of the White House revealing that Trump lied about his taxes will be as though it never happened, and media will be complicit in that (for having undersold the story today), and newswatchers will resent media for it, and media won't understand why.

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