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Reforms to make it easier to vote like automatic registration have rightly received much attention, but there are many smaller & entirely nonpartisan reforms that election administrators in many places can take to improve transparency without needing legislation (thread)

All absentee/mail ballot voters should have an option to track the status of their mail ballot & confirm it was accepted. If there's a problem with the signature not matching the one on file, officials should be required to notify the voter & give them a chance to correct it

As many folks on #ElectionTwitter will understand, some states & localities are terrible about publishing timely election results. All states should have centralized repositories of election results that update on Election Night & maintain result spreadsheets in archives for free

Every state should have freely available precinct maps & GIS files, with archives & changelogs for updates. These aren't just critical for following election results & maps, they're the building blocks for citizen-based redistricting tools that anyone can use to draw #FairMaps

States should follow Minnesota's lead & calculate the results of statewide elections for president, Senate, & other offices by district for Congress, legislature, local govt, & even cities & townships where possible. This would also help make Voting Rights Act enforcement easier

All of these reforms are entirely nonpartisan & are intended to increase transparency & bring election administration into the digital era. While some of these measures may require legislation, administrators can & should implement others on their own

In the meantime, ordinary citizens can help improve transparency in election administration by supporting @openelex, which works to gather precinct-level results for every state, & the new Open Precincts effort, which aims to do the same for precinct maps 

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