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Yes, yes, I've seen this clip.

This has become a common argument on the right in recent years.

For instance, here's a thread I did debunking a Prager U video claiming the "Southern Strategy" was a hoax cooked up after the fact by liberal academics.

SPOILER: It ends with a page from the video host's own book describing the Southern Strategy.

Here's a second thread on how politicians and political strategists employed the Southern Strategy:

Here's a third thread on how the Southern Strategy was understood at the time:

In truth, there was *so* much talk about the Southern Strategy that Nixon's aides worried that the Northeast was starting to feel neglected because of it.

Here's a memo from the papers of Harry Dent, the former Thurmond aide who directed the Southern Strategy for the Nixon WH:

Candace Owens can insist none of this ever happened, but it did.

But as I've shown before, she doesn't exactly have a firm grip on the historical record:

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