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So it's looking increasingly likely that the next @AssassinsCreed game will be set in the Norse world.

As a staunch defender of all things AC, here's 5 reasons why that's a terrific idea.

5. Naval Combat - Since 'Black Flag', the series has been embracing sailing around, causing trouble. Hell, the last game was a, quite literally, Greek odyssey.

Therefore, it's a no-brainer to follow some of the greatest naval explorers who ever lived.

I'm really curious to see how they'll represent the Baltic, Scandinavia and Great Britain in the game - could this mean that this may be the largest AC game ever?

4. The Norse knew *everyone* - AC games thrive on the myriad connections that characters have with the larger, worldwide networks of Assassins and their enemies.

The Norse travelled and traded from Newfoundland to the gates of Baghdad - it would make sense, storywise!

3. A deep and rich warrior culture - the 'First Civ' backstory of the AC games culminated in 'Odyssey' granting the characters extraordinary abilities.

Viking lore is absolutely riddled with enchanted weapons, the legendary 'Bezerkers' and 'war magic' practiced prior to battle.

2. Playing it smart - Assassins have to play it smart in the games, sizing up a target before delivering the fatal strike.

The Norse were also timed their attacks for maximum effect, and carried out reconnaissance beforehand, so that when they struck it was devastating.

1. The Sagas! - The greatest treasure of the Norse world are the sagas, the epic poems that describe the exploits of families down generations, rich with betrayal, revenge and lust.

C'mon, you know that'll make for a GREAT story for a potential AC game! /FIN

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