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Trump critics for years avoided using the word "treason" to describe his collusion with foreign nationals, as it wasn't legally accurate (the U.S. isn't at war). "Liberal" journalists savaged anyone who used the term. So who on the right is criticizing Trump's misuse of the word?

1/ This seems like a small point—but it matters. While the question of conspiracy remains open, there's no doubt Trump's campaign colluded with Russia. But we still avoid the word "treason" because words matter. Now the right is letting him apply this charged term to *noncrimes*.

2/ What's odd is how media is AWOL on Trump's harrowing use of the term "treason" to describe (at most) the unprofessional texting practices of a couple people who worked on an FBI probe, who were fired for those practices, and whose work on those probes was otherwise just fine.

3/ Every day, thousands of US lawyers file Motions to Suppress in criminal cases because they feel the government illegally sought or executed a warrant. Trump's complaint about FISA warrants is just that (*at the very best*) yet the media and the Right let him call it "treason."

4/ There was nothing wrong with the FISA warrants in the Russia probe. But *even if there had been*, it at most would've been a Motion to Suppress situation, and it wouldn't have stopped any *counterintelligence* investigation. So Trump's language must be *universally condemned*.

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