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Correct. Some terminology which Barr is randomly flinging around:

PREDICATION: The basis for opening a case:

A “Preliminary Investigation” (PI) will require information or allegation of crim activity/nat sec threat

A “Full Investigation” (FI) will require an articulable factual basis of existence of crim or nat sec threat OR investigation may yield foreign intelligence

Importantly, PIs are limited in duration (no longer than 6 mos) and are also limited in the kind of investigative techniques which may be used. FIs aren’t limited in duration and can use more intrusive techniques (in other words, you have to have a more solid basis to use them).

All investigative techniques have various layers of approval. The more intrusive they are, the higher they go up the food chain, including and up to the AG and to a judge, for authorization. So using a word like “spying” is loaded and deceptive — specify the technique.

In addition, any nat sec investigation on a USPER (just the opening of the case, before anything happens) or a case that is based on gathering foreign intel has to be reported to DOJ NSD. In other words, a “few people at the FBI” can’t do this on their own.

(Sorry, on flight and my wi-FBI got interrupted for like an hour)

Anyway, Mueller knows these rules and was FBI Director for 13 yrs — and took over this entire investigation. He would have gone through predicates and bases for techniques used with a fine-toothed comb before going further. Or is Barr suggesting he is part of the “conspiracy”?🙄

The AG Guidelines are on DOJ’s website. At this point it should just be required reading for all Americans 

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