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Barr is just playing to the 4Chan/Trump crowd. WE CANNOT COMMIT ESPIONAGE ON OUR OWN SOIL. Investigations? Surveillance? Sure. With warrants.

We have the best privacy protections of any nation because of the 4th Amendment - go out of our way to make sure JUDGES approve SURVEILLANCE.


Espionage is, I dunno, the Russian GRU agents infiltrating a presidential campaign.

Chinese sex traffickers spotting-and-assessing US politicians.

Mariia Butina.

When you say, like a moron, "IF IT'S WHAT YOU SAY, I LOVE IT!" in response to an offer from Russian spies, you get a law-based investigation.

Actively trying hang out with SVR agents like Carter Page? Um, yeah, you'll get investigated AFTER A FISA COURT APPROVES IT.

But that's not "spying." And for every US media outlet that parrots that term, they're helping spread Russian and Chinese propaganda. Because it's a lie.

And for every politician who attacks the credibility of U.S. institutions with a fourth-grade vocabulary and a second-grader's understanding...resign.

If they're doing it from stupidity, resign.

If they're doing it from compromise, they need to take their punishment and keep one last tiny chunk of dignity.

Otherwise...G-d, I wonder what they're holding over these guys.

Seems pretty bad. </>

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