Seth Abramson @SethAbramson Attorney. @Newsweek columnist. NYT bestselling author of a book on Trump's Iran policy, Proof of Conspiracy (Macmillan, Professor. Apr. 11, 2019 1 min read


🇸🇪 Sexual Assault/Abuse*
🇬🇧 Bailjumping
🇺🇸 Conspiracy/Unauthorized Publication of Classified Materials**

* Investigation suspended, pending revocation of asylum in London. Likely to be immediately resumed.

** Exact charge unknown, per NYT. 

PS/ Many say that this is the part of the federal code that may be used to prosecute Assange in the United States:

PS2/ Of course, the prosecution would relate to the Manning case, rather than any documents published during the election, which were not documents relating to national defense. Prosecutors would use espionage charges related to the Manning case to get Assange to talk about 2016.

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