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Charges against Michael Avenatti: 36
Charges against Michael Flynn: 1

If you read PROOF OF CONSPIRACY in August, you may well feel that this sort of disparity—whatever Avenatti did or didn't do—makes Flynn's sweetheart deal the single most *puzzling* element of the Russia probe.

1/ Like, I'm looking for any evidence Avenatti secretly plotted to kidnap a US resident and illegally render him to Turkey for execution, that Avenatti conspired to bribe Trump into illegally selling nuclear tech to Saudi Arabia, that he illegally negoiated US foreign policy...

2/ ...that he lied countless times about foreign trips and foreign payments to illegally get access to classified intelligence, that he lied repeatedly to everyone in law enforcement, and that he did all this while demanding Clinton be imprisoned for... well, *nothing*, actually.

3/ Of the many mini-scandals that are part and parcel of Trump and Barr and others in Trumpworld clamoring for an investigation of U.S. law enforcement, the most disgusting part of it all is that these folks have gotten *preferential treatment* from law enforcement from the jump.

4/ Again, Avenatti should face whatever justice is appropriate, but it's hard to get past the fact that he was a big Trump critic and now faces *36 charges*, while the man he criticized is *confirmed* by the SDNY to have committed a felony and he'll face no justice for it at all.

5/ Meanwhile, Michael Flynn, a *far* worse actor over the last three years than Michael Avenatti could *ever* be, had to have his sentencing postponed because the judge was so stunned Flynn did what he did (and he only knows a piece of it) and will get virtually *no* punishment.

6/ When the full story about Michael Flynn is told, I think there'll be plenty of people in law enforcement and the military who'll privately say that they'd have had *no problem* with Flynn never seeing the outside of a prison cell for the rest of his life. That's how bad he is.

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