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At this point, it's looking less like they might inadvertently get her killed and more like they are actively pursuing it. How else can you interpret continued high-profile attacks in an environment of ubiquitous death threats?

And I'll add this: if Dems start thinking in the back of their heads that if they speak up too much, they are putting themselves at physical risk ... would Trump be unhappy with that result? Would anyone on today's right?

This is, after all, what Trump means by "tough": less restrained by shame or decency, more willing to inflict pain on the weak & vulnerable. He wants a "tough" government & a "tough" party. Intimidating people like Omar into silence, or getting them hurt, is a feature, not a bug.

Remember, there's no *argument* for tribalism. "White rural & suburban men should be in charge" is just a brute assertion of dominance. Without persuasion, the only other way to diminish opponents is through intimidation. Tribalism can *only* win through fear & physical power.

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