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So it turns out the Chicago Police Department lied when they said two police officers didn't push & drag a 16-year-old girl down a set of stairs, punch her, tase her, then hold her down as they stomped on her chest.

Cause they did and there's video. 

And I am sure that everyone who is outraged that Jussie Smollett's charges were dropped, will demand that these Chicago police officers be prosecuted for lying because their lies were the basis for charges being brought against a child (that were later dismissed).

Not to mention of course, assault, excessive use of force etc. There's that.

Oh and yep, they could be fired. There's also that.

And the child has filed a civil rights law suit against the city. So we know the police chief and mayor will seek reimbursement for any damages awarded/settlement paid from the officers, right?

Oh and wait, there's the cost of the investigation. Plus the cost of the prosecution of the child (charges against whom were dismissed). That money too - they're gonna seek reimbursement, right?

So yeah all of that from the mayor and the police chief, plus appropriate statements of outrage. I'll wait.

P.S. Here's the Chicago police union's statement on the DA's decision to drop charges against the 16 year-old girl these cops attacked.

Yes. Seriously.

And - this just happened. 

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