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.@TheRickWilson reminds everyone that Assange is not being indicted for journalism but for a felony, and that he's a Russian asset. 

I suspect that so many "journalists" are panicking in their support for Assange is because they and their outlets covered for multiple Russian intelligence operations.

Not content to merely abet foreign hostile intelligence by spreading its propaganda narratives, these corporations and their employees have actively attacked any individual using their right to free speech to point out: "Hey, that's Russian intelligence Ops, not journalism."

Moreover, as we see in multiple indictments, media outlets have also been working directly with agents of foreign powers seeking to use US media to help Russian geopolitical aims.

That's being complicit in something hideous - something that is not journalism.

I suspect the reason so many "journalists" are quintupling down on the Assange/Manning/Snowden narrative is because they realize they've been at best naive, likely complicit, and even perhaps in legal jeopardy for assisting these criminals in their attack on democracy.

The Assange/Manning/Snowden narrative was designed to attack the credibility of American national security, the last line of defense against an all-out assault by the transnational organized criminal organizations.

I'm not a prosecutor. But I'll tell you what this looks like.

Assisting the enemies of democracy...there are some criminal statutes around certain actions. But again I'm not a prosecutor.

I am however a citizen of the United States. And the behavior of supporting Assange's crew strikes me as immoral, seditious, and disgusting.


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