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There is a movement currently in power, which proposes that corporate-backed initiatives to maximize profit by ignoring drivers of climate change are to be as or more trusted than 97% of peer-reviewed science.

We should call this movement what it is: environmental extremism.

They believe that short-term corporate profits are more important than breathable air.

Environmental extremists.

They believe that short term corporate profits are more important than drinkable water.

environmental extremists.

They believe the short term corporate profits are more important than the biosphere.

Environmental extremists.

Their methods include lies and propaganda and disenfranchisement and sanctions and bombings and invasions and wars.

Environmental extremists.

They warn that any positive action will result in massive job loss – as if completely re-thinking energy on a global level will result in less innovation and opportunity, rather than more.

A ridiculous notion.

Call them what they are: environmental extremists.

These are people—including the president and most members of Congress—who will, if allowed, kill you and everyone you love for short term corporate profits.

Not “would.”


Environmental extremists.

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