fooler initiative @metroadlib i reside in va, ride in va, most likely when I die, I'm gon' die in va. Apr. 13, 2019 1 min read

my suitcase "didn't make" my flight according to a customer service representative who didn't give the first damn about my missing checked flight. is there any particular reason a suitcase I checked on a delayed flight didn't arrive at the same time I did?

is there a reason no one informed me of this prior to my touching down? perhaps during the one hour delay? or a reason the woman who informed me of this AFTER I waited around a whole 20 minutes for my bag didn't apologize or explain why this happened?

I am FURIOUS. my house keys, clothes, and jewelry are all in that suitcase. I fly ALL of the time and I've NEVER had such pisspoor customer service. this is ridiculous.

to be clear, @united says my suitcase got in at 11:26 PM last night.
I live 13 mins from reagan.
I got THIS at 8:25 am.

this online service is little more than an ineffective nuisance, and @United is ridiculous.

I will *never* fly this airline again.

I've been waiting around for this gd bag all say nothing of the fact that I can't get in and out of my building w/o being buzzed in, or check my mail....

as my keys...
are in...
my luggage.

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