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Windows registry cleaners and optimizers look for banal, often completely fake, things in an immensely intricate system that people are scared of and don't understand. These programs use this position of trust to extort money and mislead users.

"Registry cleaners" will damage a brand-new installation of Windows installed an hour ago just to make it look like they are useful. Imagine being told your brand-new car with 50 miles on it needs the headlight fluid replaced.

I have been the build+maintenance lead on thousands of machines. In my current job, I am consulted and advocate registry changes across tens of thousands of workstations. Nothing I have ~EVER~ done in the registry, as a professional, would have been fixed by a "registry cleaner."

Evaluating and building registry changes requires deep enterprise experience and caution - something absolutely no developer of a "registry cleaner" has ever done in their life. They have no heterogenous test fleet or validation proof for their "fixes." It's a tosser exercise.

Holy shit why is it 5:46 AM

My life priorities are a fucking disaster I need an intervention.

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