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You do not get only one shot at impeachment.

You get as many shots of impeachment as there are impeachable offenses.

They should be impeaching him every day until they run out of offenses.

Those of you who think the Democratic leadership is holding off on impeachment for strategic reasons, understand that most people who enable abuse are doing so for strategic reasons they’ve convinced themselves are wise and necessary.

Demand justice.

Expect representation.

He had two years without consequence or oversight or correction.

It’s impossible to overreact.

I mistrust anyone who isn’t angry. I mistrust anyone who hasn’t learned that this is a fight.

1) The entire reason for the witchhunt narrative is to preemptively scare people from investigation and impeachment; we shouldn’t oblige him.

2) not impeaching him feeds his false narrative of total exoneration.

3) we must stop basing our decisions on how liars will respond

There’ll always be a more perfect, safer, and more strategically desirable time for confrontation and it will always be at some unspecified point in the future.

We are in this moment right now. It’s all we have, and all we ever get. We should decide what we intend to do with it.

The point of impeachment is not removal. When impeachment is called for, it is necessary and good for its own sake. The point of impeachment is impeachment.

I really don’t get the narrative that says getting impeached is good for a president’s re-election chances. It pretty obviously is bad.

But the question of impeachment isn’t a strategic one. It’s a constitutional duty of Congress when a president is acting in defiance of the law.

It’s their job.

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