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customer service: ma'am, it is not our policy to give refunds for issues with baggage. we don't give refunds for that.
me: i bet you gon' give one today, though. that's what i know. so you need to decide if you want to be the person on this phone telling me "no."

customer service: the delivery man only just got your bag.
me: well, *before* you put me on hold, you told me he got it at 7am. and *i* got a text saying it was out for delivery at 8:25am. so, *that's* a lie.

i try very hard to reserve my anger for the ppl who deserve it. and i try REALLY hard to be as patient as i can w/customer service ppl. b/c really...those are shit jobs.

but don't you dare fucking lie to me. don't. you. fucking. dare.

not when i'm using the *last* shred of compassion i have to NOT pile on to your garbage job.

i didn't lose my temper.

b/c i gave myself permission to go the fuck off.
and i promise i did.

they greenlit that checked bag refund but that shit still isn't here.

and honestly, the incompetence is *stunning*.

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