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to be clear, i've never lost a bag on a flight.
not ever.
BUT, i know that's a thing that happens.
i know it's not altogether an uncommon occurrence.

my bag is not and never was lost.
my bag "didn't make the plane."

WHATEVER THE SHIT THAT MEANS (do NOT explain it to me).

i checked my bag.
my flight was DELAYED.
i got ON and off the flight...
waited for TWENTY MINUTES at a baggage carousel...
and my bag never arrived.
and some soulless bitch at customer service blithely informed me that my bag wouldn't be along for another 2 hours...

i'd be mad if my bag were lost. i'm not gonna lie. i'd be furious.
but nowhere NEAR as mad as i am, right at this moment, knowing that there simply wasn't room for my luggage on a flight...and NO ONE TOLD ME.
to say NOTHING of the fact that the airport is THIRTEEN MINUTES AWAY.

and it's still not here, yet.
i fly a lot. i expected to have a *lost* bag at some point in my life.
but i certainly didn't know bags "didn't make" flights.
that sounds like a load of horseshit within the realm of an airline's control.
i know goddamned well notifying me is.

please don't explain any of this to me.
i promise i don't care.
you're not gonna enlighten my house keys and jewelry into my possession.

just got a text saying my bag is on its way...

and it provides a link so I can check the whereabouts of the delivery truck....

when I click the link...

just forget it.

i'm only making myself more angry.

i just can't believe i've lost a whole day behind this.

and i'm so disgusted by all of @united's bullshit.

I am going to

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