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Always exciting to have a chance to vote for someone who has no idea what’s going on.

I am aware that there are Democratic candidates who plan to spend the general election chasing 15 persuadable Republican voters they invented in their own brains rather than energizing the base and a vast sea of non-voters, but it takes a proper stupid to do so during primaries.

We do it, not because it would be easy, because it would be dumb.

Happy to answer!

Lincoln’s “team of rivals” all wanted *his* side to win their country’s great conflict. Is the difference. He didn’t fill his cabinet with Confederates.

I guess this is still relevant.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand” was Lincoln’s call to fight, not to capitulate.

Hey look, I wrote an entire thread about this just yesterday.

Swallwell’s pledge is an abandonment pledge.

A pledge to abandon everyone who scared and suffering and endangered.

A pledge to abandon all hope of change even if the Democrats win.

He is the personification of the famous passage from “Letter From a Birmingham Jail.”

He says he’s making a statement of unity, as if that makes him distinct from others.

All the candidates are running on unity. The only question is with whom they intend to unify.

Even refusing to choose is a choice.

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