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Hanging with old Microsoft coworkers this weekend really underscored how much Microsoft just conceded the past 20 years

Every major battle: iPod, iPhone, iOS, iMessage, Slack, Dropbox

Completely dropped the ball. Total capitulation through just mismanagement. Much infighting.

Too many levels of management, too many fierce reorgs mid-product cycle, too slow to ship, overfocus on paranoid copying of what others already made instead of focus on users

Microsoft in the 2000s kept racking up the L’s but it didn’t matter, they always had Windows and Office

Being great at defending billion dollar monopolies does not make a good place to learn to make great products that go from zero to one.

Most of us left to build our own startups and the #1 feeling we got? Oh this is how it feels to just fix problems instead of fight politics.

Success begets complacency, so there’s space for startups always. When people think “but Big Co X is going to do it” I always think of the insane politics of big orgs that destroy products and waste the time of great makers.

It also makes me excited to fund great engineers, designers and product people who are ready to throw their chains off. There is magic in running hard in a direction with smart people and no pointy headed bosses.

If you are ready, the water is warm.

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