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are we great again yet

i just really want us to be great again, so if we also need to put the now state-orphaned 12-year old daughter of a KIA veteran into a debtor's prison or something so that a red hatted shirt pastry in Ada Oklahoma can feel joy again i'm totally down to make that happen

i just want to get out of my bubble and hurt people different from me until dead-eyed former soul receptacle Stephen Miller assures our mob president we are truly great again and i just hope i'm open-minded enough by then to also feel the joy of it

it's really good to be so great

hey, hear me out

we have lots of empty stadiums, and lions in africa are hungry

just want to participate in the marketplace of ideas

i hope bret stephens will approve of me if i eat my bread at the circuses with gusto and cheer my loudest, so as not to offend any of the important people watching up in the sky boxes

holding their giant foam thumbs

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