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Most Americans would be so lucky as to have a EU-style “retirement” life. One where work stops after 40 hours, where growth isn’t uber alles, and where wealth isn’t monopolized by a tiny elite, and China isn’t used as a boogeyman to ramp up exploitation.

“If you don’t work harder, if you don’t work longer, THE COMMUNISTS WILL WIN” is such a cartoonishly exploitive pitch that you’d fail to suspend disbelief if it was a line in a bad movie. But this is just another day in Silicon Valley.

The US has already seen tremendous growth in the past three decades. But just about all of it went to a tiny sliver of society that didn’t need any more wealth to begin with. The funny thing is the US would do well to let some collective/communist ideas “win” 😂

“Work harder and longer so the same tiny elite of connected entrepreneurs and financiers can continue to reap the lion’s share of that growth. You will get the crumbs! Aren’t we merciful? Now hate and fear that enemy we designated. It’s you or them!!!”

A far more pressing problem than “how do we beat China” is “how do we fix the US”. More growth is fine, but distributing the growth we’ve already had is where the focus should be now. There’s plenty of wealth. It’s just poorly distributed.

Also, this whole "it's war to determine who gets the biggest economy" is some seriously retrograde, imperialist bullshit. The kind that's likely to lead to actual ramped up tensions, if not actual war. Think Danes give a shit their economy is smaller than the US'?

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