Walter Shaub @waltshaub former Director of @OfficeGovEthics now with @CREWcrew personal account - views are my own Apr. 16, 2019 1 min read

It would be a mistake to read meaning into coincidence, but coincidence sometimes lends an apt metaphor. The flames engulfing one of the great treasures of Western civilization yesterday seemed symbolic, with flames of bigotry, nationalism and corruption spreading across the /1

West. The greatest treasure our civilization has produced, democracy, is in peril. Aided by technology and a Russian despot, the Adversary our grandparents beat back now thrives. This morning, we wake to find damage to the beloved Notre-Dame de Paris was not entirely as bad... /2

as it could have been. This news seems symbolic too. We have been given a choice, a chance at renaissance. Is it too late? Will we rise to the challenge and save democracy as our grandparents before us did? We’ll see. So much depends upon us. /3

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