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(NOTE) 375 heavily redacted pages won't be nearly enough to answer all the questions needing answers. My two books on collusion—I focused very little on obstruction—will total about 1,000 pages, and were written in a government-report style (each sentence is a piece of evidence).

1/ Calls for Congress and the public to see Mueller's case file will begin shortly after the report is released and will not—as Trump's allies will allege—be based on partisan dissatisfaction with its findings. There's just no way a report that short can do the job America needs.

2/ It behooves media, and indeed behooves Trump and his allies, to set up Thursday as the ending of something big. In fact, Mueller's report is quite literally no more than a summary of what he actually found. Americans can and should demand to see what he actually found in full.

3/ I intend no criticism of Mueller whatsoever in saying this. What I'm saying is that we can't know how many of the hundreds of open questions were thoroughly explored by Mueller, and how many were farmed out elsewhere and are still being probed, until we see the full case file.

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