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Every website's ToS should include something like: "Screenshots of this website, quotes taken from our text content, and any references to our brand, domain, or web pages must include a search-engine-followable HTML link."

Because when other sites write about you/use your stuff, they *should* be linking, and it should be a ToS violation when they don't. Pointing an obstinate author of a piece that uses a screenshot of/quote from your site to said ToS can ease that link request conversation.

Wise folks replied to these tweets noting "any references to our brand, domain, or web pages," is probably too broad. I agree. Screenshots, copied content beyond fair use, data, & research references are fair game, the rest less so.

Other wise folks noted that Google may not like it when you request "follow-able" links. I think that's abuse of their monopoly power, and hypocrisy to boot, but... if you want to play it safe, just ask for the link attribution, w/o specificity on the follow-able nature.

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