Easy conversation starter: The Read-It-All list.

When somebody is on the list, you read everything they write. No exceptions.

My list:

- Marshall McLuhan
- Robert Caro
- Nassim Taleb
- Tim Urban
- Kevin Simler

What’s yours?

Other writers are best consumed via videos or podcasts:

- Peter Thiel
- Mark Andreessen
- Rory Sutherland
- Tyler Cowen
- Jordan Hall
- Peter Zeihan
- John O’Donahue
- Tim Keller
- Adam Robinson

I call this the Watch-It-All List.

Share your recommendations!

Up-and-comers who you should know about:

- @Alex_Danco
- @sebastmarsh
- @arjunblj
- @tweettal
- @kevinakwok
- @SamoBurja
- @dollarsanddata

If I could bet on seven writers, I’d bet on these seven.

All of them are consistently exceptional.


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