DHH @dhh Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp, NYT best-selling author, and Le Mans 24h class-winning racing driver. Apr. 17, 2019 1 min read

"With Luxafor, productivity is the name of the game. We identified the main reasons for drops in productivity, and fitted all the solutions in this tiny gadget", @voozahq is branching into products! This is almost as good as those horse-face blinders.  https://luxafor.com 

It's got all the elements of a solid Valley spoof: Hilarious over-the-top proclamations of solving a world problem, without changing a damn structural thing (the fucking open office!), but, hey, there's an app to control an LED light!!

You really should try the peak-denial kit: A mouth muzzle, horse blinders, and a capitulation flag. Now you're truly ready for the indignities of the modern startup working from an open office.

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