fooler initiative @metroadlib i reside in va, ride in va, most likely when I die, I'm gon' die in va. Apr. 17, 2019 1 min read

i'm not reading this.
i just want everyone to know that while this is true....
this has *always* been true of incumbent presidents.
like......9? 10? have lost reelections.
maybe 10.
and in the age of modernity (loose as that definition is)-

i can, OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD, cite the *extreme* circumstances that culminated in a good 7 of those losses.

and annnnnnyone who's paid us history even a PASSING glance will tell you that our current circumstances *certainly* rise to a level that qualifies as extreme.

so don't take for granted that this president won't be re-elected (it honestly strains credulity that this motherfucker has made it *this* far).

but don't engage in an "all hope is lost" narrative, either.

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