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Maybe the number 1 thing I’m looking for in 2020 is a pledge to investigate trump thoroughly and indict as needed, no pardons.

Not for revenge.
Or even primarily accountability.

Because it demonstrates the political will we’re going to need if we’re to accomplish the rest.

Our problems are caused by deliberate abuses by powerful people.

If we don’t realize that we have to enforce the consequences of justice on the powerful in its most flagrant form, then we won’t do it elsewhere.

And if we’re unwilling to fight that fight, then we won’t fight it.

I’m looking for someone who has absolutely no time to hear the hypocritical squealing of Republicans, who are happy to fight hard to harm others, but will protest endlessly anyone who dares fight back to protect and restore.

Trump can finally be what he always wanted: A historical presidency.

The first president to go to prison.

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