Garry() @garrytan Managing Partner, @Initialized. Earliest investor in @coinbase @instacart @flexport & 100+ more—$36B in startup market cap so far. Forbes Midas List 2019 #21 🚀 Apr. 17, 2019 1 min read

If you're a startup and you're not even growing 2X per year, and you're wondering if you're failing... yeah, you probably are.

The interesting thing is the vast majority of those who are in that situation don't ask that question, and instead write VERY LONG investor updates.

Addendum: I got some emails from founders asking if this was about them. Not specifically, it is *really* common. But if this tweet sparked that conversation, then I'm glad because there's still time to fix this.

2nd addendum, this is meant for venture path companies - sustainable ones are great, do what you want there (but maybe don't take very much investor money!)

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